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About us
Club members

Our club was founded by two physics teachers, Nicoleta Pazmany and Marin Bica, after a few years of voluntary education in astronomy. The inauguration took place on 28 october 2006, at the festive hall of the Fortress of Oradea, which gives place to our events eversince. The Fortress was chosen as our residence because of the astronomical activities which took place in the reinessance period.

Club members meet every Friday evening, in order to make astronomical observations (if the meteorological conditions are favorable) and to deepen their knowledge about the universe. The two high-schools which have founded the club, have managed to aquire 3 telescopes: a 200 mm dobsonian, a 130 mm Newtonian, and a 200 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Our astronomy club's intentions for the future are to attract as many people as possible to the the fascinating world of astronomy. Through events, like Astronomy Day, we are trying to educate the public about the use of astronomical instruments, orientatation on the night sky...With the purchase of a planetarium in a school project, our city will join the ranks of cities with a planetarium like Bucharest, Timisoara, Galati etc.. This will hopefully increase interest for astronomy in our city.